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The Origins of Sleight of Mouth

My journey through the intriguing area of persuasive language took an exciting turn with Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program. The origins of Sleight of Mouth trace back to the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This persuasive language pattern was initially designed to challenge and soften limiting beliefs, paving the way for positive change through conversation. O’Brien, a master practitioner and trainer of NLP, has refined these techniques to create a curriculum that’s both accessible and deeply transformative. His program stands as a beacon for anyone looking to harness the power of language in both professional and personal realms.

What the Group Study Program Offers

Diving into Doug O’Brien’s program, I discovered a treasure trove of knowledge and skills aimed at elevating my influence and communication capabilities. The program is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Sleight of Mouth patterns, offering practical exercises that ensure these techniques become second nature to participants. Highlights include:

    • Expert Guidance: O’Brien himself leads the sessions, ensuring participants receive insights and interpretations directly from the source.
    • Interactive Learning: The group study format fosters an environment of shared learning and feedback, essential for honing persuasive communication skills.
    • Real-World Application: Practical exercises and role-playing scenarios prepare participants for real-life situations, enabling them to apply what they’ve learned effectively.
    • Community Support: Engaging with fellow learners creates a support network, amplifying the program’s benefits beyond the individual level.

In essence, Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program offers a unique blend of theory, practice, and peer support, designed to empower individuals with the art of persuasion. Whether it’s enhancing professional relationships, improving sales techniques, or exploring personal interactions more effectively, the skills learned here promise to provide a significant advantage. My participation has not only broadened my understanding of persuasive language but also instilled a confidence in my ability to influence outcomes positively.

Key Features of the Study Program

Structured Learning Approach

Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program adopts a structured learning approach designed to systematically build my persuasive communication skills. The program’s curriculum starts with foundational principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and progresses into the nuanced techniques of Sleight of Mouth. Each module focuses on a different aspect of persuasive communication, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. For example, early modules lay the groundwork by introducing the theoretical aspects of NLP, while later ones investigate into the 14 patterns of Sleight of Mouth, giving me hands-on practice in applying these techniques to various scenarios. This step-by-step progression allows me to solidify my skills before moving to more complex concepts, facilitating a deeper and more intuitive grasp of persuasive language.

Live Coaching Sessions

One of the program’s standout features is its live coaching sessions. These sessions provide an interactive platform for me to apply what I’ve learned in a real-world context, under the guidance of Doug O’Brien and other seasoned NLP practitioners. The live nature of these sessions fosters an environment of immediate feedback and personal attention, enabling me to refine my skills in real-time. Also, participating in these coaching sessions gives me the opportunity to observe the application of Sleight of Mouth techniques by peers and experts alike, enhancing my learning through observation and practice. The direct interaction with seasoned professionals not only boosts my confidence in using persuasive language but also allows me to network with individuals sharing similar interests and goals.

Content Breakdown

Modules and Lessons

Exploring through Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program, I discovered a meticulously organized curriculum. The program begins with foundational NLP techniques, a cornerstone for mastering persuasive language. Each module builds on the previous, gradually intensifying in complexity. Specifically, it encompasses lessons on pattern recognition, framing and reframing concepts, and effectively utilizing metaphors. The standout feature for me was the step-by-step guide provided for each Sleight of Mouth pattern, making complex techniques accessible and understandable.

Practical Applications

The practical applications segment of the program genuinely bridged the gap between theory and practice. Participants, myself included, engaged in live coaching sessions, applying the Sleight of Mouth techniques in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience wasn’t just about repetition; it was tailored feedback from experts that polished our persuasive communication skills. Beyond individual skill enhancement, these sessions fostered a collaborative learning environment, allowing peers to exchange insights and experiences. This not only amplified our learning outcomes but also expanded our professional network within the NLP community.

Participant Experiences

Testimonials and Success Stories

Throughout my journey with Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing profound transformations. Participants, myself included, have shared numerous testimonials and success stories, all highlighting the program’s impact on their persuasive communication abilities. One participant, an emerging entrepreneur, recounted how mastering the Sleight of Mouth patterns enabled them to secure a crucial investment for their startup. Their story isn’t unique; many others have utilized these NLP techniques to achieve remarkable personal and professional milestones. Sales professionals, educators, and even public speakers attest to the program’s efficacy in enhancing their influence and impact. The success stories range from overcoming deeply ingrained limiting beliefs to negotiating successfully in high-stakes environments.

Personal Growth Stories

The personal growth stories emerging from Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program are both inspiring and illuminating. My own journey mirrored those of many in our cohort, marked by significant strides in self-awareness and communication skills. One particular narrative that stands out is of a participant who had struggled with public speaking fears for years. Through personalized feedback during the live coaching sessions, they not only overcame their fear but also went on to deliver a keynote speech at a major industry conference. Others have shared how the program helped them navigate difficult conversations with ease, whether in personal relationships or challenging workplace situations. The common thread in these stories is a profound shift in how participants perceived challenges and their ability to articulate thoughts and ideas more effectively. This transformation goes beyond mere technique; it signifies a deeper understanding of the power of language and its influence on our reality.

Comparing to Other NLP Programs

When analyzing Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program alongside other NLP programs, I focus on elements that set it apart and the value it offers to participants. The goal is to provide a clear, factual comparison that answers why someone should consider this program over others available in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Unique Selling Points

Firstly, the unique selling points of this program stem from its intensive focus on the Sleight of Mouth patterns, a niche area within NLP rarely covered with such depth in other courses. Unlike broader NLP programs that may only touch upon these patterns briefly, Doug O’Brien’s course delves deep into mastering these persuasive language techniques. This specificity provides unparalleled expertise in using language to shift beliefs, which is crucial for professionals in persuasion-heavy roles, such as sales, negotiation, and public speaking.

Also, the structure of the program emphasizes practical application through live coaching sessions. These sessions afford participants the opportunity to practice and refine their skills in real-time, an approach that significantly accelerates learning and competency. This hands-on experience, guided by a seasoned NLP practitioner like Doug O’Brien, enhances the learning outcome compared to self-study or theory-heavy programs.

Another standout feature is the group study aspect. It fosters a community learning environment where participants can share experiences, offer feedback, and support each other’s growth. This collaborative aspect enriches the learning experience by exposing individuals to diverse perspectives and challenges, further cementing their understanding and application of Sleight of Mouth patterns.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

In terms of cost, investing in a specialized program like Doug O’Brien’s may initially seem higher than enrolling in more general NLP courses. But, when evaluating the cost against the benefits gained, the return on investment becomes apparent. Participants in this program report significant personal and professional growth, from securing investments for startups to overcoming public speaking fears and excelling in negotiations. These outcomes not only reflect immediate benefits but also long-term improvements in persuasive communication skills, increased self-awareness, and enhanced personal growth.

Also, the skills mastered in this program are versatile and applicable across various industries and personal scenarios, making the investment beneficial for a wide range of professionals and individuals looking to improve their persuasive communication. The depth of knowledge and practical expertise gained in this specialized area of NLP exceeds the value offered by broader, less focused programs.

To conclude, comparing Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program to other NLP offerings, it’s clear that its unique approach to teaching persuasive language techniques, combined with live coaching and a supportive learning community, provides a distinct and valuable learning experience. While the cost may be higher upfront, the specialized skills and personal growth achieved offer a substantial return on investment, distinguishing this program as a worthwhile try for those committed to mastering NLP.

Who Should Consider Enrolling

In the area of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program stands out for its in-depth exploration of persuasive language and its applications. Understanding who will benefit most from this program is crucial for potential participants considering enrollment. Below, I investigate into the core audience and prerequisites for joining, framing the discussion directly and concisely.

Target Audience

Given its specialized nature, Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program caters to a particular set of individuals keen on mastering the art of persuasive communication within various contexts. Specifically, the program is ideal for:

    • Professionals in Leadership Roles, including managers and executives, seeking to enhance their influence and communication strategies to lead teams more effectively.
    • Sales Professionals and Marketers, who aim to refine their persuasion skills to improve sales pitches and marketing campaigns.
    • Therapists and Coaches, looking to broaden their repertoire of techniques to help change and progress in their clients more efficiently.
    • NLP Practitioners and Enthusiasts, eager to deepen their understanding of Sleight of Mouth patterns and apply these advanced techniques in practice.

This program offers these individuals not only the techniques for effective persuasion but also the opportunity to practice and apply these in real-life scenarios, thereby enhancing their professional and personal interactions.

Prerequisites for Joining

To ensure participants gain the maximum from Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program, there are a few prerequisites:

    • Basic Understanding of NLP Principles: As this program delves into advanced NLP techniques, a foundational knowledge of NLP principles is recommended for all participants. This ensures a smoother learning curve and an ability to engage fully with the course content.
    • Commitment to Practice: Given the program’s emphasis on practical application through live coaching sessions, a commitment to practice and actively engage with the material is crucial for success.
    • Openness to Feedback: The community learning environment fosters growth through feedback. Participants must be open to receiving and giving constructive criticism to benefit fully from the group study experience.

While these prerequisites ensure a prepared entry into the course, the program’s inclusive approach means individuals from various backgrounds with a keen interest in enhancing their persuasive abilities are welcome. It’s the combination of commitment, foundational knowledge, and openness that sets the stage for transformative learning in Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program.


Doug O’Brien’s Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program stands out as a unique opportunity for anyone looking to master the art of persuasive communication. With its focus on practical application and live coaching sessions, it offers unparalleled value for those committed to personal and professional growth. Whether you’re in leadership, sales, therapy, coaching, or simply keen on enhancing your NLP skills, this program is designed to elevate your persuasive abilities to new heights. The prerequisites ensure that all participants are on a similar page, ready to dive deep into learning and growing together. By joining this program, you’re not just signing up for another course; you’re stepping into a transformative experience within a supportive community eager to see you succeed. I’ve seen firsthand the impact such specialized training can have, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone serious about taking their communication skills to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program?

The Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program is a focused NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training that centers on mastering Sleight of Mouth patterns with an emphasis on practical application through live coaching sessions. It aims to significantly enhance persuasive communication skills for personal and professional growth.

How does this program differ from other NLP programs?

Unlike many NLP programs that cover a wide range of topics, this program specifically targets the Sleight of Mouth patterns, combining theoretical knowledge with practical coaching sessions. This ensures not only a deep understanding of these patterns but also the ability to apply them effectively in real-life situations.

Who should consider joining the Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program?

Professionals in leadership roles, sales professionals, therapists, coaches, and NLP practitioners looking to improve their persuasive communication skills are the primary target audience. Individuals seeking substantial growth in both personal and professional contexts will find this program especially beneficial.

Are there prerequisites for joining the program?

Yes, participants are expected to have a basic understanding of NLP principles, a commitment to practice the skills learned, and an openness to receive and utilize feedback for growth. This foundational knowledge ensures a more meaningful and engaged learning experience.

Can individuals from diverse backgrounds join the program?

Absolutely. The program welcomes individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Its inclusive nature and focus on practical skills development make it a transformative learning experience for anyone committed to improving their communication skills within a supportive NLP community.    

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