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Overview of Eric Jorgenson  Building a Mountain of Leverage Course

What Is the Course About?

“Building a Mountain of Leverage” is a comprehensive online course crafted by Eric Jorgenson. I’ve discovered that this course focuses on teaching individuals how to effectively use leverage to amplify their output and achieve better results in their businesses and personal ventures. The course delves into strategic ways to employ tools, technology, and thought patterns that uplift productivity and scalability. Participants learn to navigate through core concepts of leverage, including automating processes, outsourcing tasks, and utilizing networks to increase influence. Eric integrates lessons on time management and decision-making processes that accelerate growth and productivity. Most importantly, it addresses how these levels of levers are applicable in different stages of professional and entrepreneurial growth.

Who Is Eric Jorgenson?

Eric Jorgenson is a seasoned entrepreneur and writer with a notable background in business development and growth strategies. His experiences span various roles where he has applied his expertise in startup ecosystems, mostly focusing on scalable and sustainable growth. Beyond just his professional capabilities, Eric is well-regarded as an author and a thought leader in the startup and venture capital communities. He is known for his ability to distill complex concepts into actionable insights, making him an ideal instructor for a course like “Building a Mountain of Leverage.” His approach combines practical experiences with academic insights, which I find incredibly beneficial for learners seeking real-world applicability of theoretical knowledge.

Key Concepts Covered in the Course

Leverage and Its Importance

Understanding leverage and recognizing its importance is a foundational aspect of Eric Jorgenson’s course, “Building a Mountain of Leverage”. Leverage, in this context, refers to utilizing various resources such as technology, human capital, and networks to amplify one’s efforts and achieve greater outcomes with less direct input. Jorgenson emphasizes that mastering leverage can drastically change one’s productivity and efficiency, providing a significant competitive edge in any professional try. The course explains that, given the right leverage strategies, individuals can scale their operations more effectively and achieve their goals quicker.

Tools and Techniques for Building Leverage

In “Building a Mountain of Leverage”, Eric Jorgenson provides specific, practical tools and techniques that participants can use to build their leverage. The course details the integration of automation tools to reduce repetitive tasks, which frees up time for more strategic activities. Examples of such tools include software for project management, automated marketing platforms, and AI-driven analytics tools. Besides, Jorgenson outlines the importance of outsourcing less critical tasks to optimize productivity. Techniques like delegating to virtual assistants or outsourcing specific roles globally are covered extensively. Also, Jorgenson explores how building and leveraging networks can catapult professional and personal growth. He teaches how strategic networking opens opportunities that might not be available through direct efforts, such as partnerships, mentorships, and client leads. This segment ensures participants understand how to select and carry out the right tools and techniques according to their unique needs and goals.

Benefits of Taking the Course

Skills Developed

Taking Eric Jorgenson’s “Building a Mountain of Leverage” course equips participants with essential skills that extend beyond basic productivity techniques. First, individuals gain proficiency in strategic thinking, learning to identify and harness different forms of leverage within their projects and tasks. I’ve found that this fosters a mindset shift from operational to strategic thinking, crucial for long-term success. Second, participants develop stronger decision-making skills. They learn to assess resource allocation more effectively, ensuring that every effort counts and contributes positively towards set objectives. This skill is particularly important when resources are limited, and decisions impact significant outcomes. Finally, the course enhances interpersonal skills by teaching participants how to manage and expand their professional networks. It emphasizes the importance of collaborative growth and mutual benefit, which are central to sustaining long-term professional relationships.

Real-Life Applications

The real-life applications of the skills learned in the “Building a Mountain of Leverage” course are profound and varied. For instance, in the area of entrepreneurship, understanding and using leverage can lead to more efficient business models that maximize the use of available technology and human resources. This results in quicker scalability and potentially higher profit margins without proportional increases in input. In corporate settings, employees who use leverage effectively can streamline operations and reduce workload, leading to improved workplace efficiency and performance. They’re able to automate repetitive tasks and delegate appropriately, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities that significantly contribute to the company’s success. Finally, on a personal level, mastery of leverage can greatly enhance personal development. Individuals learn to optimize their daily routines and prioritize their professional development activities, leading to enhanced productivity and, eventually, a more balanced life. This helps anyone adapt quickly to new challenges, making them an invaluable asset in any professional setting.

Course Structure and Content

Modules and Lessons

Eric Jorgenson’s “Building a Mountain of Leverage” course is methodically divided into comprehensive modules, each targeting a unique aspect of leverage and strategic application. The course comprises five core modules:
    1. Foundations of Leverage – This introductory module explains the fundamental concepts of leverage, including the types of leverage available (capital, human, and product) and practical situations where they’re applicable.
    1. Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency – Participants learn how to assess and optimize their use of resources. Techniques such as the Pareto Principle and Eisenhower Box are covered.
    1. Decision-Making Frameworks – This component discusses decision-making processes that enhance leverage opportunities, with tools like Decision Trees and Weighted Decision Matrices.
    1. Building and Maintaining Networks – Focuses on using networks as a form of leverage. It offers strategies for forming and nurturing connections that support both personal and professional growth.
    1. Real-Life Applications of Leverage – The final module applies the previously discussed principles in real-world scenarios, illustrating how to carry out these strategies effectively.
Each module consists of several lessons that investigate deeper into the subject matter, accompanied by case studies and interactive sessions to solidify the learning experience.

Additional Resources Provided

Beyond the core lessons, the “Building a Mountain of Leverage” course offers a variety of additional resources to enhance learning and implementation:
    • Exclusive eBooks and Articles: Provides further reading materials specifically curated to deepen understanding of leverage and its applications.
    • Practical Templates and Tools: Offers downloadable resources such as templates for decision-making and strategy planning.
    • Access to a Private Community: Participants gain entry to a private forum where they can discuss concepts with peers and seek advice from experienced professionals.
    • Live Q&A Sessions: Scheduled live sessions with Eric Jorgenson allow for real-time interaction, discussion, and clarification of course materials.
These resources ensure participants not only receive information but also the practical tools and community support necessary to apply their new knowledge effectively.

Participant Reviews and Feedback

The insightful stories and feedback from participants illuminate the value and areas for improvement of Eric Jorgenson’s “Building a Mountain of Leverage” course.

Success Stories

Participants often share transformative experiences, highlighting their achievements post-course. For instance, one participant managed to increase their startup’s efficiency by 40% by implementing the leverage strategies taught in the module “Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency”. Another notable success was from a project manager who, after applying the decision-making frameworks from the course, led their team to reduce project delivery times by half. These narratives not only underscore the effectiveness of the taught principles but also showcase the practical applicability in diverse professional settings—ranging from tech startups to corporate management.

Constructive Criticisms

While many participants express satisfaction, some offer constructive critiques that shed light on potential enhancements. A recurring theme is the desire for more customized case studies, particularly focusing on niche industries. For instance, a participant in the non-profit sector suggested the inclusion of more relevant examples that correlate with philanthropic organizations. Besides, several users commented on the need for more frequent live Q&A sessions to further clarity on complex topics, ensuring they could apply the learned concepts more confidently in their respective fields. These feedback points provide crucial insights into how the course could evolve, ensuring it remains comprehensive and universally applicable to all participants.


Eric Jorgenson’s “Building a Mountain of Leverage” course stands out as a pivotal resource for anyone looking to amplify their impact with less effort. The comprehensive curriculum and the blend of theoretical insights and practical applications equip participants with the tools to transform their professional landscapes. Whether you’re a startup founder aiming to skyrocket efficiency or a project manager striving to slash delivery times the strategies outlined here can offer significant advantages. The positive transformations reported by past participants underscore the potential benefits of this course making it a worthy investment for those committed to mastering the art of leverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Building a Mountain of Leverage”?

“Building a Mountain of Leverage” is a course designed by Eric Jorgenson that teaches individuals how to use strategic resources to achieve optimal outcomes with minimal input. The course includes various modules, interactive sessions, and additional resources such as eBooks and templates.

What topics does the course cover?

The course covers Foundations of Leverage, Strategies for Maximizing Efficiency, Decision-Making Frameworks, Building and Maintaining Networks, and Real-Life Applications of Leverage, providing comprehensive training on effectively utilizing leverage in various scenarios.

What additional resources are included with the course?

Participants receive access to exclusive eBooks, templates, a private community, and live Q&A sessions with Eric Jorgenson. These resources are designed to complement the course content and provide additional support to learners.

How have participants benefited from this course?

Participants report significant benefits, such as a startup increasing its efficiency by 40% and a project manager cutting project delivery times in half. These success stories indicate the practical application and effectiveness of the strategies taught in the course.

What improvements have been suggested for the course?

While feedback is generally positive, some participants suggest incorporating more customized case studies and additional live Q&A sessions. These improvements aim to make the course content more comprehensive and clearer, particularly for complex topics, enhancing its applicability across different scenarios.    

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