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Overview of the Financial Modelling Course With Liam Bastick

Course Content and Structure

The Financial Modelling Course designed by Liam Bastick adopts a structured approach laid out in sequential modules. Each module builds upon the previous one, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and practical applications of financial modeling. I appreciate how the course starts with the basics of Excel, a fundamental tool, and progresses to more complex financial theory, scenario analysis, and data visualization techniques. Participants get hands-on training with case studies that reflect real-life business situations, which enhances their learning experience. This course also integrates Liam Bastick’s unique methodology of ‘storytelling with data,’ which teaches me not just to crunch numbers but also to interpret them in a way that’s compelling and business-relevant.

Target Audience

This course is meticulously tailored for beginners who are eager to get a solid grounding in financial modelling as well as for mid-level professionals looking to enhance their skills. Whether you’re a student, an emerging business analyst, or a startup entrepreneur, you’ll find this course suitable if you aim to leverage financial modeling for strategic decision-making. Also, Liam’s reputation and expertise draw professionals from various sectors, all looking to apply these skills to forecast and analyze financial conditions effectively. This diversity creates a rich learning environment where I can share insights and learn from peers across different industries. This course is ideal if you aim to make informed, data-driven decisions in your professional life.

Instructor Profile: Liam Bastick

Liam Bastick’s Background

Liam Bastick boasts an extensive background in financial modeling, combining over 30 years of experience with a profound knowledge base. He holds the prestigious recognition as a Chartered Accountant and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for his expertise in Excel. His career spans roles in corporate finance, valuation, and financial planning across international markets including London, New York, and Hong Kong. He has not only contributed consistently in a professional capacity but also impacts the educational sphere through publications and seminars on financial modeling and analysis.

Teaching Approach and Expertise

Liam Bastick adopts a unique teaching style characterized by his concept ‘storytelling with data’. This method emphasizes the narrative aspect of financial numbers, instructing students on how to present and interpret data in a story-like format that resonates with business needs. He focuses on building expertise from the ground up—starting courses with Excel basics before moving onto complex financial theories and data visualization. His approach caters effectively to both beginners and mid-level professionals, enhancing their capabilities in structured financial decision-making. Through real-life case studies, Liam ensures that learners can apply theoretical knowledge practically, making data-driven decisions that draw on cross-industrial insights. This teaching style not only deepens understanding but also equips students with advanced tools for strategic analysis and scenario planning.

Key Benefits of the Course

Real-World Application

The Financial Modelling Course with Liam Bastick emphasizes real-world application, equipping participants with the skills needed to excel in dynamic business environments. Drawing from his extensive corporate finance background, Bastick effectively translates complex financial theories into practical tools. Participants learn to construct comprehensive financial models that simulate business scenarios and forecast financial performance. I appreciate how the course encourages actionable insights, leveraging Excel to manage data effectively and make strategic decisions. Bastick’s approach ensures that by the end of the course, students are not just familiar with theories but can also carry out these techniques directly into their business practices.

Networking Opportunities

Also, this course offers exceptional networking opportunities, particularly valuable for professionals aiming to broaden their industry connections. The diversity of participants, ranging from beginners to mid-level professionals, creates a rich learning environment where various perspectives and experiences converge. Throughout the course, I find collaborative projects and peer-to-peer interactions foster professional relationships that often continue beyond the classroom. For many, these connections become valuable resources for collaborative ventures and career advancement in the field of finance. Also, Liam Bastick’s reputation and professional network provide further networking avenues that are typically inaccessible through standard educational programs.

Student Reviews and Testimonials

Positive Feedback

I’ll share the overwhelming positive feedback from participants who’ve completed the Financial Modeling Course with Liam Bastick. The students highlight the depth of knowledge they gained in Excel and financial theory. One participant noted, “Liam’s ability to merge theoretical financial concepts with practical Excel skills is unmatched.” Another reflected on the real-life case studies, stating, “The scenarios we worked through were directly applicable to my job, making it easier for me to adopt these strategies in a real-world setting.” Also, most reviews emphasized the immediate applicability of the skills learned. A mid-level professional mentioned, “The skills I developed have already helped me create more sophisticated financial models and improve our company’s strategic planning process.” Also, Liam’s distinctive ‘storytelling with data’ approach received special praise for making complex data understandable and engaging, enhancing the decision-making process effectively.

Areas for Improvement

Reflecting candidly on areas for improvement, a few participants expressed a desire for more personalized feedback on assignments. One student suggested, “While the course structure is excellent, I would have benefited from more one-on-one time with Liam to investigate deeper into specific issues I was facing.” Another useful feedback was about the pacing of the course, where a participant advised, “Some modules could be paced more evenly to allow for deeper exploration of complex topics.” Besides, a few reviews pointed out the need for a broader range of case studies that cover various industries. This would help participants from different sectors relate better and apply the concepts more widely in their respective fields. Finally, expanding post-course resources and continued learning opportunities were mentioned as an area that could extend the value and applicability of the course over time.


If you’re looking to elevate your financial modeling skills with a course that blends practical application with expert guidance, Liam Bastick’s program might be the perfect fit. The course’s real-life case studies and comprehensive coverage of essential financial concepts provide a robust foundation for anyone aiming to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Even though some calls for enhancements, the positive feedback from students about the immediate usability of the skills learned speaks volumes. It’s clear that this course not only educates but also empowers professionals across various industries. So if you’re ready to transform your approach to financial modeling, consider taking this step with Liam Bastick’s acclaimed course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads the financial modeling course?

The course is led by Liam Bastick, who is renowned for his expertise in ‘storytelling with data’ and financial modeling.

What are the key components of the course?

The course covers Excel basics, financial theory, scenario analysis, and data visualization, all integrated through real-life case studies.

Who should consider taking this course?

The course is designed for both beginners and mid-level professionals who are looking to improve their financial modeling skills and apply these skills across different industries.

What do participants say about the course?

Students have praised the depth of knowledge conveyed, the practical applicability of the skills learned, and Liam Bastick’s effective teaching style. However, some have suggested improvements in personalized feedback, pacing, variety of case studies, and post-course resources.

What improvements have been suggested for the course?

Participants have suggested more personalized feedback, adjustments in the pacing of modules, inclusion of a broader range of case studies, and expanded resources for continued learning to increase the course’s long-term value.    

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