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Overview of Rob Hoffman  6 Day 21 Set-up Course

Course Structure and Content

In Hoffman’s six-day course, the learner encounters a systematized curriculum characterized by 21 unique trading setups. Spanning across a variety of market conditions, these setup strategies offer insight into making profitable trades. For instance, setups such as the “Inventory Retracement Bar” and the “Refined Trader Strategy” help gauge the market mood effectively, allowing traders to place educated bets. The course packs in hours of immersive content, covering topics ranging from introductory trading concepts to advanced strategies. Each daily lesson comprises comprehensive video tutorials, supplemented with study materials like trading charts and real trade examples. Scheduling flexibility adds to the appeal, as learners can access the course any time, pacing their learning to suit their convenience. To sum it up, this course offers context, strategy, and flexibility – a trifecta that’s hard to beat in the trading education world.

Instructor Background and Credibility

Behind this course is the genius of Rob Hoffman, an internationally recognized expert in trading. With a trading career that spans over two decades, Hoffman boasts a track record embellished with various achievements. He’s not only the founder and CEO of Become A Better Trader, Inc. but also an award-winning futures, options and forex trader. In fact, he’s clinched the title of World Trading Champion multiple times. By blending practicality with a dash of academia, Hoffman has mastered the art of teaching trading. His trading strategies, brought to life through this course, reflect his rich market experience and in-depth industry knowledge. Through personal trading anecdotes, practical strategies, and live trade demonstrations, Hoffman ensures his teachings resonate with traders of all skill levels. Selected from a pool of innumerable trading strategies, his 21 selected setups embody the best of his trading knowledge. With Hoffman at the helm, this 6 Day, 21 Set-Up trading course emerges as a worthy investment for those looking to navigate the turbulent waves of the trading world.

Key Features of the Course

To elevate your trading strategies and refine your market insight, Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course offers notable features. Let’s investigate into some of the pillars that make this course stand out.

Trading Strategies Covered

A standout aspect of this course lies in its comprehensive range of trading strategies. Instead of offering superficial knowledge, Hoffman’s approach focuses on sharing 21 unique trading set-ups. These setups cater to a broad spectrum of market conditions, making them adaptable and versatile. So whether you’re eyeing a bullish market or encountering a bearish one, you’ll possess the right set of tools in your trading arsenal. For instance, one of the strategies, called the “Rapid Fire,” is a powerful tool for rapid markets.

Live Trading Sessions

Hoffman breathes life into theories through live trading sessions. Here, I’m talking about real-time market scenarios and not simulations. You get to witness Hoffman put his strategies into action in actual trading situations. The transparency of these sessions establishes a strong base of practical learning. Observing how Hoffman navigates the ever-fluctuating market trends in real-time can significantly enhance your understanding of market dynamics. It’s like being an apprentice to a master craftsman, carefully observing, and gradually honing your craft.

Target Audience

Who Should Enroll?

From my experience, the Rob Hoffman 6 Day 21 Set-up Course caters to different types of traders, from both the novice and intermediate levels. Firstly, beginners in the trading field can benefit immensely. That’s because, even though their limited exposure to trading, they can investigate into 21 unique trade set-ups, so accelerating their learning curve. Simultaneously, intermediate traders find the course useful since it’s an avenue to refine their trading strategies and boost confidence.

Prerequisites for the Course

Getting into Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course doesn’t require much from potential enrollees. It’s noteworthy that, even though its comprehensiveness, the course eliminates the need for prior expertise. In essence, even those new to trading can sign up for the course. But, those with basic trading knowledge may grasp the sessions quicker. Besides, a willingness to learn and a commitment to apply lessons practically in real-time trading scenarios come in handy. At the end of the day, the course is all about empowering you with practical trading skills for various market conditions.

Benefits of the Course

Building on the premise of Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course, there are key advantages that come with enrolling in this comprehensive program. The benefits, ranging from enhancing trading proficiency to potential positive financial outcomes, make it an appealing choice for eager individuals waiting to plunge into the trading market.

Skill Enhancement

The critical aspect of this course lies in its ability to refine traders’ skills. Whether you’re a rookie dipping your toes into the trading waters or an intermediate rider of market waves, it’s tailored for you. The course facilitates mastering 21 unique trading setups. Traders get a grasp of different strategies like the “Rapid Fire” setup, adeptly designed for swiftly fluctuating markets. Through continuous exposure to these setups during live trading sessions, you learn how to acclimatize to varying market conditions. The Course emphasizes acquiring practical skills that could be applied in the ever-evolving live trading scenarios. In essence, it’s an express lane on the highway to trade proficiency.

Potential Financial Outcomes

As intimidating as trading may seem, the potential financial gains it offers are enticing. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have a guide for going through the maze of trading markets? That’s precisely what Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-Up Course offers. The course takes you through the trading setups proven to generate desirable financial outcomes. For every strategy, the course offers meticulous detail on how, when, and where to execute trades. It leads you to tap into potential financial rewards and navigate effectively in various market conditions. So, in your quest for financial success via trading, this course could be your map.

User Reviews and Feedback

Delving into the practical outcomes of Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course, we investigate a compilation of user reviews and feedback. These insights offer an honest perspective of the course’s impact and effectiveness.

Success Stories

Numerous success stories emerge from participants in Rob Hoffman’s training course. They credit his clear-cut instructions and the 21 unique trading setups for their favorable results. For instance, one learner, after successfully executing the “Rapid Fire” setup, reported substantial profits in fast-moving markets. Another claimed the course as transformative, explaining that mastering these strategies directly resulted in improved financial outcomes. Indeed, these powerful narratives underscore the course’s effectiveness in enabling traders to navigate through various market conditions and realize potential financial gains.

Critiques and Areas for Improvement

No course is without its critiques. Some learners indicated a need for more ongoing support and structured follow-up after the course’s conclusion. Others expressed a desire for more materials and resources to reinforce what they learned. Even though these suggestions for improvement, it’s essential to note that Rob Hoffman’s course has generally received positive feedback, with many traders validating its contribution towards enhancing their trading proficiency. In turn, it proves its worth as a guide for traders seeking to improve their skills and understanding of diverse market conditions.


I’ve seen firsthand how Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course can be a game-changer for traders. It’s not just about learning 21 unique trading setups; it’s about becoming proficient in exploring any market condition. This course caters to both beginners and those with some trading experience, offering a practical learning environment that’s hard to find elsewhere. While there’s room for more support and resources after the course, the success stories speak volumes about its effectiveness. It’s clear that Hoffman’s methodical approach and hands-on teaching style have made a significant impact on many traders. If you’re looking to enhance your trading skills and financial gains, this course could be just what you need.

What is Rob Hoffman’s 6 Day 21 Set-up Course?

This course is designed with 21 unique trading setups that are customized to different market conditions. It aims to enhance the skills of both novice and intermediate traders.

What are some features of the 6 Day 21 Set-up Course?

The course offers practical learning experiences, including live trading sessions and unique strategies like the “Rapid Fire” setup.

What do the users say about the course?

User feedback generally paints a positive picture, highlighting clear instructions and effective trading setups. Success stories often cite the course as a key factor in achieving favorable trading results.

Are there any suggested improvements for the course?

Some users recommend more ongoing support and additional resources after completion of the course.

Why is the 6 Day 21 Set-up Course beneficial for traders?

The course provides traders with the necessary skills and tools to navigate through various market conditions effectively, thereby enhancing their trading proficiency.    

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