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Overview of Scott Flansburg’s Course

Who Is Scott Flansburg?

Scott Flansburg, often celebrated as “The Human Calculator,” holds a Guinness World Record for his extraordinary skill in mental arithmetic. I find his ability not merely fascinating but also immensely empowering for those who engage with his methods. Scott’s acclaim doesn’t just stem from his rapid calculation skills but also from his dedication to education through which he demystifies numbers and mathematical concepts for people of all ages. Over the years, he has appeared on multiple television shows and has authored books aiming to make math accessible and exciting.

What Is “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)”?

“Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” is an advanced training program designed by Scott Flansburg to enhance one’s mental math abilities. In this course, participants learn techniques to speed up their arithmetic calculations and develop better overall numeracy. The course includes a series of structured lessons, practical exercises, and exams to ensure that learners can consolidate the skills taught. It is suitable for students, professionals, or anyone looking to improve their mental math, problem-solving abilities, and confidence with numbers. This course represents an opportunity to unlock the mathematical potential of the brain, further reinforcing Scott’s teachings and philosophies on the power and fun of mathematics.

Key Features of the Course

Learning Modules Breakdown

The “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” course is meticulously structured into several distinctive learning modules. Each module targets specific areas of mental arithmetic to systematically enhance a participant’s calculation skills. For example, early modules focus on basic operations like addition and subtraction, ensuring a strong foundation. Subsequent modules progress into more complex topics such as multiplication, division, and eventually, advanced problem-solving techniques. The pacing is designed to match the learning curve of individuals, accommodating both beginners and those with some numerical proficiency.

Unique Teaching Techniques

Scott Flansburg employs revolutionary teaching techniques that distinguish this course from traditional math education methods. One notable approach is the use of visualization strategies. Participants learn to visualize numbers and operations in a way that demystifies complex calculations, fostering a quicker and more intuitive understanding of math. Also, Scott integrates the use of mnemonic devices, which aids in the retention of mathematical concepts and enhances the ability to retrieve information more rapidly. This method not only improves accuracy but also increases speed, embodying Scott’s philosophy that everyone can become proficient in math with the right tools and mindset.

Benefits of the Course

Improved Mental Math Skills

Taking Scott Flansburg’s “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” course significantly enhances mental arithmetic abilities. Participants develop the capability to perform complex calculations swiftly and accurately without relying on digital tools. By engaging with the course content, learners improve their numerical fluidity, enabling faster processing of numbers in various mathematical operations. The diverse range of techniques taught, including visualization and mnemonic devices, ensures a broader repertoire of strategies to tackle numerical challenges confidently.

Applications in Daily Life

Mastering mental math through this course offers practical benefits in everyday situations. From calculating expenses on the go, managing budgets without a calculator, or quickly figuring out percentages during sales shopping, enhanced mental calculation skills prove invaluable. Professionals find these skills particularly beneficial for quick data analysis and problem-solving in rapid work environments. Also, parents equipped with these techniques can offer immediate help with their children’s assignments, fostering a supportive learning environment at home.

User Experiences

Success Stories

Many participants of the “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” course report significant improvements in their mental arithmetic capabilities after completing the program. For instance, a financial analyst highlighted that he can now perform complex calculations in seconds, which previously required a calculator. His enhanced skills have notably increased efficiency in his workflow and reduced errors. Similarly, a teacher shared that integrating these techniques into her curriculum has transformed her classroom dynamics by making math more engaging and understandable for students. These stories underscore the course’s effectiveness in various professional and educational settings.

Feedback and Testimonials

Feedback from users of the course consistently praises its comprehensiveness and the simplicity of the techniques taught. One user commented, “The step-by-step modules are easy to follow and incredibly practical for day-to-day use.” Many emphasize the benefits of being able to conduct quick calculations mentally, especially in situations where digital devices are not permitted, such as during meetings or exams. Importantly, testimonials often highlight the course’s role in boosting confidence with numbers, with many users stating they feel more competent in their numeric abilities and more empowered in their daily decision-making tasks.

Comparisons With Other Math Courses

I’ve examined various math courses to see how “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” by Scott Flansburg stands out. Most traditional courses focus primarily on procedural learning, involving repetitive practice and memorization. For instance, typical programs such as Khan Academy and Coursera emphasize conventional problem-solving techniques and theoretical understanding. But, Scott Flansburg’s course introduces unique elements like visualization and mnemonic techniques, which aren’t commonly found in other offerings. These methods allow learners to perform complex calculations more swiftly and accurately. Students and professionals using his course report enhanced calculation speeds and reduced mathematical errors compared to their experiences with other courses. Also, while most courses are effective in covering textbook material, “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” excels in making math more intuitive and engaging, which has been crucial for individuals struggling with math anxiety. It’s a game changer for those looking to boost their arithmetic confidence and decision-making in daily tasks.

Pricing and Accessibility

Scott Flansburg’s “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” course offers a clear pricing structure to cater to various learners’ needs. The course comes in at $149 for full access to all its features and materials, including lifetime access to course updates. This value-driven pricing positions it competitively against traditional educational platforms, which often charge monthly or annual fees. Accessibly, I found the course is available universally via its dedicated online platform. Learners from anywhere with internet connectivity can easily register and begin improving their calculation skills immediately. Also, the course design ensures compatibility across multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers, letting users learn on the go or at home according to their convenience. This comprehensive accessibility underscores the course’s commitment to providing educational tools to a wide audience, transcending geographical and physical limitations and making it a viable option for individuals seeking to enhance their numeric proficiency.


Scott Flansburg’s “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” course is a game-changer for anyone eager to sharpen their mental math skills. It’s not just about learning numbers; it’s about transforming how you interact with them daily. From my exploration of the course, it’s clear that its unique approach can truly make arithmetic a less challenging job. The benefits extend beyond faster calculations to fostering genuine confidence in one’s mathematical abilities. If you’re looking to break free from the confines of conventional math learning and embrace a more intuitive method, this course might just be what you need. With its reasonable price and easy accessibility, it’s an investment in your educational journey that promises substantial returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scott Flansburg’s “Become a Human Calculator (Elite)” course about?

The course is designed to enhance mental arithmetic skills using unique visualization and mnemonic techniques. It focuses on intuitive and engaging methods to improve calculation speed, accuracy, and confidence.

How does this course differ from platforms like Khan Academy and Coursera?

Unlike traditional educational platforms that emphasize procedural learning, Scott Flansburg’s course applies engaging, innovative techniques aimed specifically at boosting mental arithmetic through intuitive learning processes.

Who will benefit most from this course?

This course is particularly beneficial for individuals with math anxiety or anyone looking to improve their calculation speed and accuracy. It offers a fresh perspective on mastering arithmetic skills.

What is the cost of the course, and what does it include?

The course is priced at $149, providing lifetime access to content and updates. This competitive pricing includes comprehensive lessons on mental arithmetic techniques and personal improvement strategies.

Can learners access the course from anywhere?

Yes, the course is available through an online platform, making it accessible worldwide. Learners can register and access the course across various devices, offering flexibility and convenience for all users.

What have participants said about their experience with the course?

Participants report significant improvements in calculation speeds, reduced errors, and increased confidence in decision-making. Many appreciate the course for its innovative approach to learning arithmetic.    

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