Simpler Trading – True Momentum System Strategy (Basic)

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Understanding the True Momentum System Strategy

When I first dove into the True Momentum System Strategy offered by Simpler Trading, I was keen on finding a trading method that wasn’t just effective, but also straightforward. This strategy has proved itself to be a beacon for traders like me, who seek clarity in the often murky waters of the trading world. It focuses on identifying strong market movements and leveraging them for potential gains. At its core, the True Momentum System relies on a couple of key indicators to signal entry and exit points. These indicators aren’t just random picks; they’re the product of rigorous backtesting and real-world application. What sets this strategy apart is its emphasis on momentum. It’s not just about spotting a trend, but understanding the strength behind it. This approach has transformed the way I make my trading decisions, offering a clear, concise map to follow. By integrating this strategy, I’ve been able to sift through the noise of the market, honing in on opportunities that are aligned with strong momentum. It’s a game-changer for both beginners and seasoned traders, simplifying complex market analysis into actionable insights.

Key Indicators for Successful Trading

In my journey with the Simpler Trading – True Momentum System Strategy, I’ve discovered that certain key indicators are instrumental in exploring the turbulent waters of the financial markets. Volume, Price Action, and Moving Averages stand out as the pillars for identifying potent trading opportunities. First off, Volume is a critical indicator that signals the strength behind a price movement. A surge in volume accompanying a price jump often indicates a strong buy-in from traders, suggesting that the momentum is likely to continue. Recognizing these patterns has allowed me to pinpoint entries and exits with greater confidence. Price Action, on the other hand, is the heartbeat of the market. It tells the real-time story of buying and selling pressure. By interpreting price action, I can gauge market sentiment and make predictions with a higher degree of accuracy. Candlestick patterns, in particular, offer insights into market psychology, guiding me through decision-making processes. Finally, Moving Averages are invaluable for smoothing out market noise, providing a clearer view of the trend direction. I’ve found the use of exponential moving averages (EMAs) particularly effective for identifying momentum. When a short-term EMA crosses above a longer-term one, it’s often a green light for bullish momentum, and conversely, a signal for bearish momentum when it crosses below. By leveraging these indicators, I’ve honed my ability to sift through vast amounts of market data, isolating only the most promising trades.

Implementing the Momentum-Based Approach

When I investigate into the momentum-based approach of the True Momentum System Strategy by Simpler Trading, there’s a clear path carved out for traders striving for success in the markets. First and foremost, understanding how to apply key indicators like Volume, Price Action, and Moving Averages becomes paramount. These aren’t just statistical figures; they’re the lifeline of any thriving trading strategy, providing a solid foundation to identify high potential trading opportunities. Starting with Volume, it’s not just about observing highs and lows. I look for significant volume spikes that hint at strong market interest, signaling a potent entry or exit point. It’s about reading the market’s pulse—knowing when it’s racing and when it’s steady. This insight alone can significantly enhance the accuracy of my trades. Price Action, on the other hand, tells me the story behind each candlestick. By interpreting these patterns, I’m equipped to predict future market movements with a higher degree of confidence. It’s like understanding a language—the language of the market—that reveals whether a bullish or bearish trend is about to unfold. Finally, Moving Averages serve as my compass in the sometimes chaotic world of trading. They help smooth out price data over a specific period, making it easier to identify the direction of the trend. When I align my trades with the trend direction highlighted by moving averages, I’m not just trading; I’m sailing with the wind at my back.

Real-Life Examples and Case Studies

In my journey exploring the True Momentum System Strategy by Simpler Trading, I’ve come across numerous real-life instances that showcase the efficacy of this approach. Volume spikes, for instance, are not just theoretical constructs; they play out in the market daily. I’ve witnessed stocks like Tesla (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL) experiencing significant volume surges that precede notable price movements, serving as clear entry or exit signals for attentive traders. One striking case study involves a mid-cap stock that exhibited a sudden volume spike of over 200%, coupled with a price breakout. By applying the True Momentum System Strategy, I was able to enter the trade just as the momentum was picking up and exit with a substantial profit before the trend reversed. This was possible because I understood how to interpret the Price Action and Moving Averages in concert with the volume data, aligning my trade with the market’s direction. Also, monitoring Moving Averages has helped me to smooth out the noise in price movements, providing a clear view of the underlying trend. For example, the 50-day Moving Average has been a reliable indicator of long-term trends for various tech stocks, aiding in my decision-making process when considering entry and exit points. These experiences underscore the importance of a holistic approach to trading. By integrating key indicators such as Volume, Price Action, and Moving Averages, I’ve been able to consistently identify and capitalize on high-potential trading opportunities, demonstrating the practical applicability of the True Momentum System Strategy.

Advantages of the Simpler Trading System

When I first encountered the Simpler Trading – True Momentum System Strategy, I was intrigued by its straightforward approach. It’s designed to minimize guesswork and enhance decision-making, which, in my experience, is a game changer. One of the core benefits is its emphasis on volume spikes as a key indicator. This has allowed me to identify entry and exit points with a higher degree of accuracy. Another compelling advantage is the strategy’s reliance on Price Action and Moving Averages. By focusing on these indicators, I’ve been able to distill the market’s noise, concentrating only on signals that matter. For someone seeking clarity and efficiency in trading, these elements prove invaluable. Most importantly, the Simpler Trading system is built on a foundation of actionable knowledge. It demystifies complex market trends and leverages easy-to-understand signals that align with both short-term movements and long-term trends. This dual focus ensures that whether you’re planning on holding a position for weeks or looking for quick trades, you’ve got a strategy that adapts to your needs without compromising on reliability or potential profit margins.


Exploring the True Momentum System Strategy has been an enlightening journey. I’ve discovered that it’s not just about making trading simpler; it’s about making it smarter. The strategy’s reliance on volume spikes, Price Action, and Moving Averages has shown me a new way to view the market, one that cuts through the noise to find real opportunities. It’s clear that this system doesn’t just aim for short-term gains; it’s built for sustainability and adaptability, catering to various trading objectives. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, the insights gained from this strategy can significantly impact your trading approach. I’m confident that applying the principles of the True Momentum System Strategy can enhance anyone’s trading toolkit, offering a clear path to achieving both immediate and long-term trading success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the True Momentum System Strategy?

The True Momentum System Strategy is a trading approach by Simpler Trading that aims to reduce guesswork and improve decision-making. It leverages volume spikes, Price Action, and Moving Averages to accurately pinpoint entry and exit points, offering a clearer insight into the market by filtering out noise.

How does the True Momentum System Strategy aid in decision-making?

It provides actionable knowledge by simplifying complex market trends. This strategy enables traders to make informed decisions by identifying clear signals for when to enter or exit trades, thus minimizing the reliance on guesswork.

Can the True Momentum System Strategy be used for both short-term and long-term trading?

Yes, the True Momentum System Strategy is adaptable and suitable for both short-term and long-term trading goals. It offers reliable strategies that don’t compromise on profit potential, allowing traders to meet their specific investment objectives.

How does the True Momentum System Strategy minimize market noise?

By focusing on volume spikes, Price Action, and Moving Averages, the True Momentum System Strategy distills essential information from the market. This clarity in signals helps traders to focus on meaningful trends, sidestepping irrelevant market noise that could cloud judgment.

Is the True Momentum System Strategy reliable?

Yes, the True Momentum System Strategy is designed to offer reliable trading strategies that simplify market trends without sacrificing profitability. Its emphasis on clear entry and exit points helps ensure that traders can rely on the system for consistent decision-making support.    

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