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I’ve always been fascinated by the stars and the stories they tell. So, when I came across Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course, I knew I had to immerse. It’s not just another astrology class; it’s a journey into understanding the language of the cosmos.

Tony Howard has a way of breaking down complex astrological concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces. Whether you’re a complete newbie or someone with a bit of background knowledge, this course promises to enlighten you on the rich symbols used in astrology. It’s a perfect blend of history, mythology, and practical application.

Course Overview

When I first stumbled upon Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to deepen my understanding of astrology in a structured, yet engaging way. This course lays out a comprehensive overview of astrological symbols, blending theory with practice in a way that’s accessible to anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge.

Set across several engaging modules, the course breaks down each astrological sign, planet, and house, linking these elements with their mythological backgrounds. This approach not only makes the content memorable but also allows for a richer understanding of how these symbols operate in real-life contexts. With Tony’s guidance, I’ve started to understand the intricate dance of the planets and their influence on our daily lives.

One of the highlights for me has been the practical exercises included in each section. These aren’t your typical fill-in-the-blank tasks; they’re thoughtfully designed to encourage personal reflection and application of the concepts learned. This hands-on approach has helped solidify my grasp on the material, making the learning process both effective and deeply personal.

Equally important, the course offers a blend of multimedia resources, including video lectures, downloadable charts, and interactive discussion forums. This variety caters to different learning styles, ensuring that no matter how you learn best, you’ll find something that resonates with you.

The Cosmic Language

Diving into Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course, I was introduced to what he aptly calls “The Cosmic Language.” This unique perspective views astrology not just as a series of predictions or traits linked to your sun sign, but as a profound language that connects us all to the universe. In this section of the course, the focus shifts towards understanding the intricate symbols that form this language—each symbol acting as a letter in a cosmic alphabet.

From my experience, interpreting this language goes beyond mere memorization. It’s about connecting with the symbols on a deep level, understanding their origins, and how they interact with each other. For instance, the planets aren’t just celestial bodies; they represent different facets of our personality and life. Venus symbolizes love and beauty, while Mars reflects conflict and action. Learning how these symbols influence each other and our daily lives was truly eye-opening.

The course brilliantly breaks down complex astrological concepts into digestible parts, making it easier for beginners like me to grasp. Through video lectures and practical exercises, I got to explore each symbol’s meaning, forming a deeper connection with the cosmic language. Howard emphasizes the importance of personal reflection, encouraging us to look at our own charts and see how these symbols play out in our lives.

Understanding Astrological Symbols

Diving deeper into Tony Howard’s course, I found the section on Understanding Astrological Symbols particularly enlightening. Astrological symbols, as I learned, are not just arbitrary signs; they’re the essence of astrology’s language, conveying a universe of meaning in compact forms. Each symbol, or glyph, encapsulates the energy, characteristics, and role of its corresponding celestial body or sign in the astrological world.

What struck me was the course’s approach to deconstructing these symbols. It wasn’t about rote memorization. Instead, Howard guides students through the symbolism, teaching us to see the myths and natural phenomena behind each glyph. This method transforms abstract symbols into relatable stories and concepts, enabling a profound connection with the cosmic language.

Through carefully crafted lessons and exercises, I began to recognize and interpret these symbols in charts, a skill that felt akin to learning a new language. The course emphasized the practical application of this knowledge, encouraging personal reflections and the exploration of our own astrological charts. This hands-on approach cemented my understanding and appreciation of the astrological symbols’ depth and nuance.

Dive into History and Mythology

In delving deeper into Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course, I found the section on history and mythology particularly engaging. This course segment tackles the roots of astrological symbols, tracing them back to ancient civilizations. It’s fascinating to see how societies from the past laid down the groundwork for the astrological symbols we use today.

These symbols weren’t just randomly chosen; they carry centuries-old wisdom and stories. For instance, the symbol for Mars reflects not just the planet but also the Roman god of war, embodying attributes of aggression and drive. Each symbol is a gateway into a rich world of mythology, shedding light on the human condition and our universal experiences.

Through meticulously curated content, the course shines a spotlight on the interconnectedness of astrology, history, and mythology. It doesn’t stay in the area of the abstract. Instead, it encourages learners to explore how these ancient symbols relate to our personal journeys and the world around us. By integrating historical context and mythological backgrounds, students gain a multi-dimensional understanding of astrological symbols that enrich their interpretive skills beyond the surface.

Practical Applications

In my journey through Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course, I’ve discovered its Practical Applications are as vast as they are fascinating. Learning the symbols not only enhances personal introspection but also opens up new avenues for professional astrologers. Here’s how I’ve applied the knowledge gained from the course in real-life scenarios.

Firstly, the course equipped me with the tools to craft more accurate and profound readings for my clients. By delving into the historical and mythological roots of each symbol, I’m now able to provide readings that resonate on a deeper emotional and psychological level. This depth has significantly improved my client satisfaction rates and has stimulated more meaningful conversations around their astrological charts.

Also, the insights into the origins and meanings of astrological symbols have allowed me to host engaging workshops and webinars. Sharing this knowledge has not only positioned me as an authority in the field but also fostered a community of astrology enthusiasts eager to learn more. This interaction has been incredibly rewarding, sparking collective insights and a shared passion for the stars.

Finally, incorporating the mythological aspects of symbols into my practice has opened up a new dimension of astrological consultancy. Clients are drawn to the blend of astrological wisdom and storytelling, which offers a unique approach to understanding their charts and life paths. This fusion has broadened my clientele and diversified my services, ensuring that my practice remains vibrant and relevant in a competitive market.


Embarking on Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course isn’t just a learning journey—it’s a transformative experience. It’s equipped me with a deeper understanding of the symbols that form the language of astrology, enriching both my personal growth and professional practice. By weaving the rich world of mythology into my sessions, I’ve discovered a more profound way to connect with clients and guide them through their own stories. This course has not only positioned me as a knowledgeable authority in the field but also opened doors to sharing this wisdom through workshops and webinars. It’s clear that mastering the art and science of astrological symbols can set anyone apart in the vibrant world of astrology. Whether you’re looking to deepen your self-awareness or elevate your professional offerings, this course is an invaluable asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tony Howard?

Tony Howard is an acclaimed astrologer who offers a course titled “Intro to Astrological Symbols.” This course focuses on the historical and mythological roots of astrological symbols and their practical application in astrology.

What does the Intro to Astrological Symbols Course cover?

The course delves into the significance of understanding the historical and mythological roots of astrological symbols. It teaches how this knowledge can enhance personal introspection, improve professional astrological readings, and deepen emotional connections with clients.

How can understanding astrological symbols benefit me personally?

Understanding astrological symbols can lead to greater self-awareness and introspection. It helps individuals analyze their personality traits, life choices, and relationships from a fresh, more informed perspective.

How can this course improve my professional astrological practice?

The course equips astrologers with the ability to host workshops and webinars, thereby establishing themselves as authoritative figures in the field. It also allows for deeper emotional connections with clients through enriched readings that incorporate mythological storytelling.

Can this course help me attract more clients?

Yes, by offering a unique blend of astrological wisdom combined with mythological storytelling, practitioners can distinguish themselves in the market. This approach not only retains existing clients but also attracts a broader clientele interested in a more enriched astrological experience.

Is the course suitable for beginners in astrology?

Yes, Tony Howard’s Intro to Astrological Symbols Course is designed to be accessible to beginners in astrology. It provides a foundational understanding of astrological symbols, making it a great starting point for anyone looking to delve into the field of astrology.


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